A Madonna dancer had a hard time leaving Israel after performing in the Eurovision Song Contest

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The presentation of Madonna in the Festival of Eurovision, on Saturday, may 17, was shrouded by controversy since long before the diva stepped on the stage at the convention center of Tel Aviv, to offer a lackluster performance for a little less than 10 minutes by the that claimed a million Euros.

From the questioning of his decision to go sing to Israel, ignoring the boycott that many mausians maintain against the country for its policy of aggression against the Palestinians, to the display of the Palestinian flag during his performance, there were several criticisms against the singer, which after her performance amplified in the form of memes.

Thank you Madonna for having me as part of your presentation, and for having me wear the Palestinian flag in front of thousands and millions of spectators. unfortunately, the dam at West Bank is real. The hours after the show were intense, but I would never have imagined being watched the way I was,” wrote Mona Berntsen on her Instagram account.

“You have taken away the passport at the check-in at the airport, and to have been retained for questioning for more than an hour and a half! To have had to tell the story of my entire life, my reasons for having traveled to Arab countries throughout my life, my religious relationships, family issues, to have had to show the daily schedule of my stay, and to have had to explain exactly what I did and where I went the last time I had been in Jerusalem, three years ago. Everything! When she was out of the country, ” the dancer said.

Berntsen also left his opinion on the reason for the mistreatment. “It was all, presumably, for having raised a flag as part of a performance that referred to a current conflict, to promote peace, unity and freedom. I cannot imagine the vigilance and repression to which the Palestinians are subjected every day.” He added: “Thank you, Madonna, for using this presentation to discuss the subject.”

Previously, the organization of the contest had pointed out that the controversial inclusion of the flags-the Israeli flag was also displayed – had not been approved. “In the live performance, during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, two of Madonna’s dancers briefly showed the flags of Israel and Palestine, stamped in their locker room. This element had not been part of the trials, which had been supervised by the organisation and those responsible for the transmission. The festival is not a political event, and madonna had been warned about it.”

On the other hand, the pop queen defended the presentation of her new alter ego. “Madame X is a free fighter. I am grateful for the opportunity to spread the message of peace and unity with the world,” he said.

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