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Bama art film complex

It was the Chronicle of an announced death. The cinemas run by Buenos Aires Mon Amour (BAMA), located in the basement of the gallery with double entrance by Corrientes and Diagonal Roque Sáenz Peña, between Carlos Pellegrini and Libertad, closed their doors on Monday 29th after almost six years of activity. Previously they were part of the mythical Art Cinema, The Art Theatre, The Cinema Hall, conditioned cinema halls and the Arteplex Center complex.

The figures in recent times were very low. According to the data of Ultracine analyzed by OtrosCines.com in what was July (28 days) the three rooms that had about 450 seats in total had joined less than 5,000 spectators with a collection of 880.000 pesos. If you take into account that the exhibitor (after giving his percentage to the distributor and paying taxes) has one third of the total income, there were about 300,000 pesos left to pay rent, salaries and services. Impossible to resist like this in these times.

In the last weekend (from Thursday to Sunday) BAMA Cine Arte had sold only 610 tickets; that is, an average of about 150 tickets per day for three theatres taking all their functions. The Artemultiplex Belgrano, with similar programming, called 3,200 people on its 5 screens in the same period from Thursday to Sunday.

Another sad end to the increasingly beaten niche of the most autoral and risky cinema

Farewell letter of BAMA

In the name of BAMA I would like to announce the end of another stage of the BAMA CINE ARTE.

We are very proud to have fulfilled the objective we have set ourselves in these 6 years, that of being that cinema that no longer exists, offering an independent cinema program, the best Argentine Cinema, and films that in many cases do not take place in the commercial circuit.

They attended trusting our programming and that was very motivating. Watching them enjoy was the best thing they ever gave us. We probably had films to go through, orders to comply, some to repeat, but the programming was always for you.we’re the audience.

The rooms of BAMA CINE ARTE reached the TV with the program that we had the pleasure of producing for Canal (a) called Cinema Mon Amour.

Buenos Aires Mon Amour (BAMA) also thanks distributors, INCAA, Cinemateca Argentina, directors, producers, actors, critics, media and Broadcasting, teachers and Embassy of France, among others.

BAMA greets you and thanks you with great affection!

We may meet again soon, but in the meantime, don’t stop going to the movies. The movies are to be enjoyed in that dark room in peaceful coexistence. Because cinema makes our lives happier!

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