Cadiz is called out to the street by the public school

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The Coordinator of the Public School of Cadiz and the Board of non-university teaching staff maintain for the afternoon of Tuesday 21 their call to demonstrate (from 18 hours in the Plaza Mina of the capital) in defense of public education “as a Democratic patrimony and common social good”and “against covert privatizations”.

The protest go ahead after representatives of both entities, the Flampa Gades and the councillor for Education, Ana Fernandez, keep this Monday morning a meeting with the territorial representative of Education of the regional government of Andalusia, Miguel Andreu Estaún, to address the intended closure of lines of face to the next course in the CEIP The Immaculate and the IES Columela (a Child of 3 years in the first, and First THAT in the second), both in the city. Although this situation of eliminating units in public centers is repeated in other localities of the province, while the concerts and squares are kept intact with the private-arranged.

All the parties, except the meeting, appeared in the afternoon at the doors of the Columela Institute. Here, as it has moved to DAILY Bay of Cadiz, the councillor Ana Fernández has expressed his “outrage” by “the lack of commitment of the Board with the public school”. “We went to the meeting with little expectation and we went out with much less, with frustration and almost with sadness,” he said.

And that, because the representative of the autonomous government ” has made it quite clear to us that the line of the Immaculate has no turning back. That line is closed and we have not been given an explanation, beyond the fact that political lines are being launched from Seville to dismantle the public school, because that is what is happening. But this is not from now, it does not come from these hundred days that the trifachito has been governing in the Junta, but these are the mimbres that the PSOE has been placing little by little, with a management in which he has neither cared nor defended the public school, and from these mudslides.”

The explanation from the board in the specific case of this children’s school is that “the demand has been for only 24 children, with no other student waiting for a place in this school, who would have been involved as a subsidiary in the application for admission”.

The edil De Podemos has recognized that it is “very concerned about what is coming: a commitment to the private, and not only to education, but also to health because they are parties that do not believe in the public”.

However, he says that the current municipal government team “will not stand idly by”: “we will support all actions that are done, we will accompany the public school as much as we can and we are at the disposal of the educational community, the staff board, the Flampa and the Coordinator of the public school, because we believe in the public school and because the public is defended from the public. We are going to fight and we are confident that we will have the support necessary for these policies to be halted and made public defense policies again.”


The spokesperson of the Coordinator of the Public School of Cadiz and representative of the IES Columela Ampa, Lola Ruiz, has also spoken on this matter, who has not believed the words of the territorial delegate, assuring that in July will be studied if they give a more and more teacher unit to the Columela Institute, the oldest of the capital. “If in the first place there are zero vacancies, there will never come a student who is not from an attached school, ever. They have closed the doors to any student who does not belong to the camp of the South or to the institution”, he has evidenced.

And he sent a warning message to all families that defend the public: “this is only the beginning, from now on we can find that services are going to be outsourced to the private and public schools are going to be shut down, but we are going to defend public education, because it is a quality education that defends inclusion and equality.”

The president of the Flampa, Marian Gil, has pointed out that they are going to file an appeal “because they have not warned us in time or in the form of that closure of the line, and we will study legal actions”.

For her part, the representative of the Board of teaching staff, María Jesús León, stressed that the city is experiencing “an emergency situation because concerted education already exceeds 60% of students in the entire capital compared to only 40% of the public”, which she has described as a “dismantling situation”; recalling also that in the last decade eight public centers have been closed.

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