Details of the meeting of referents to get out of the bad moment in Campo Mar

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The beginning of University sports practice was intense in Campo Mar for the duel against Ayacucho. And it is the referents of the team that held a talk to address the crisis of results in the last dates of the opening.

Each of the attendees to the appointment, expressed his point of view about the delicate moment of sports equipment (take five days without a win) and served to leave aside any kind of differences -such as those that can exist in all human groups – and to seek the benefit of College Sports.

The group promised to bend efforts to achieve a positive result this Saturday against Ayacucho, a place where they have not won since February 7, 2016, when they defeated the ‘Foxes’ 2-4 with the leadership of Roberto Chale.

Direct to the vein

However, prior to this meeting of referents in Campo Mar there was the traditional talk of the plantel with the president of the creditor committee, José Gamarra, prior to the beginning of the activities.

Managers argue that the technical body, such as the plant, enjoys the logistic facilities to train and the results should be different from those obtained so far at the opening.

“The downfall of the’ U ‘ is an attitude problem in some players or are saturated by the training system. We are in the ‘U’ and you have to understand that,” said Carlos Moreno, a sports university administrator.

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