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Establish safe routes to travel from Arequipa and Moquegua to Ubinas

The Regional Government Moquegua, through the Emergency Operations center Regional Moquegua (COER) became known to the general population routes of access to more appropriate and secure for traveling from Arequipa to the district of Ubinas and from the city of Moquegua to Ubinas, before the increase of the activity of the volcano Ubinas.

In the first case we recommend the Route Arequipa-Salinas Moche-Logen-Pocon-Anascapa

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid carrying out the vehicular and pedestrian traffic along the Ubinas-Querapi-Logen route.

From the city of Moquegua to Ubinas the route is Moquegua–Umalso–Sijuaya–Matalaque–Anascapa.

I have no doubt that if Daniel Salaverry had won the Board of directors, he (Vizcarra) would not have proposed advancing the elections,” he said ATV.

The Parliamentarian of Contigo affirmed that the aspirations of the former president of Congress were legitimate, but that, on the other hand, the head of State felt “more comfortable with him”.

In the same vein, Popular Force congressman Miguel Elías spoke. He stated that President Vizcarra’s proposal is “plan B” after Salaverry’s defeat.

He maintained that the president felt “very confident” that the extension of the Congress would win the election where Pedro Olaechea finally triumphed.

“It’s a very particular suspicion that I have. Proof of this is that in the end it looks like they added What the president said, saying he was going to present a constitutional reform.

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