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I felt that many doubted, least I

One hundred and thirty-four days have passed since then and master Ponce has again felt the deep breath of a calf, now yes, following his orders. It was key evidence that the provinces have witnessed. And ten days remain so that the silk and gold stalk will again be covered, it will be on August 10 in the Plaza Real de El Puerto de Santa María, you know, where Joselito El Gallo said that famous phrase of the one who has not seen Bulls in the port does not know what is an afternoon of bulls, which was sculpted in the treatises of bullfighting. So Ponce, a classic where there are, pointed it out as a new starting point and bullfighting has its eyes on the miracle. “It makes me a tremendous illusion,” he confesses in the first place.

From the beginning we thought not to rush but still we have gone to the limit. We made a sketch of what recovery should be like within the deadlines and we have respected them. The first month and a half without supporting the leg was the hardest period. He was very limited in everything. I couldn’t move, then I started to strengthen the quadriceps carefully so as not to damage the cruciate ligament, which needs a time of maturation. And the third month, I started playing ballroom.

That was the time to reappear. It’s what we marked from the first moment and here we are. We have strictly complied with the deadlines. That says a lot about the good surgery Dr. Villamor gave me, and also about the patient, which is me. It was not only about recovering the physical but also the mental part. I think it was an exemplary recovery.

I understand you’ve had a lot to think about.

I think or not. I just thought I’d get back as soon as possible. That helped me not relax. As soon as I could, I took the crutch. I was bullfighting in the living room without supporting my leg but having the crutch in my hand and feeling its weight, continuing to pass on orders to him and feeling that he kept obeying me, encouraged me. There were times when the body asked me to do more but I followed the doctor’s advice, who insisted that even if I thought I was okay, I wasn’t.

Clear. I’ve listened and let myself be guided and advised, but when I’ve had something clear … I’ve made it clear. But I always listened. I’m also telling you, I’ve known who to listen to. But in all orders, in the ring and in life itself. I like to learn. Sometimes you think you know everything and it’s not true. There are those who can bring you much and enrich you. That’s the best way to evolve.

You listen and …?

Then I’m the one who values it. That’s a key part of my evolution.

Does anyone dare to tell you something in front of the bull?

The encounter with the provinces is in Alcaraz, specifically in Cortijo del Campo, the lands of the farmer Daniel Ruiz. Scenario of the most recognizable in the world of bravo. They are the foothills of the sierra of the same name, just as the National n-332 heads straight towards Andalusia. It is a game of parallel lines on the way to its destination: the mismente National, the Guadalmena in search of Father Guadalquivir, and the railway platform of that non-nata Baeza-Utiel line that was to give European exit to the Mediterranean by Canfranc. It was because the uncivilized war came and that dream was aborted. The platform is now a bike lane, of course, stations, rural houses, and tunnels, mushroom plantations waiting for the Mediterranean corridor to solve a subject that no one has ever solved. In the fences of the part of the Carrizal graze the Bulls of bullfights that threaten to threaten before the arrival of outsiders and in the rastrojeras of Gorgoji, the cows of the belly, already at the mouth of parir, make up the life cycle of the most cared-for cattle in the universe.

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