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A few hours after the deadline to register the lists participating in the Board of Directors of the Congress 2019-2020, everything remains uncertain. The main spokespeople for running Parliament have not confirmed anything. This parliamentary term ends today, after the end of the debate and the vote on political reforms.

One of the most rumored to preside over the 2019-2020 management Congress is the current President Daniel Salaverry, who, according to sources in the Republic, continues to agree with different benches to run for the elections. However, until now no built bench, a prerequisite indispensable to apply.

Another candidate for President of Congress is Pedro Olaechea. The ex-government congresswoman would have the support of Fuerza Popular, Apra and other benches. At the moment, however, it has not been confirmed who would accompany this list. These doubts would have caused differences within the fujimorista group in the face of the elections.

A third option that has emerged in the last few hours would be a list headed by Marisol Espinoza, who would have the support of minority benches, but it also remains to be defined which other congressmen would complete this list.

The current president of Congress, Daniel Salaverry, ended his term with a 28% approval, according to Ipsos. This low figure is slightly higher than in June (25%). The highest point reached by Salaverry over the past year was in February 2019 (31%).

Daniel Salaverry ran for the Congressional Board of Directors with the Popular Force bench, following the efforts of Luz Salgado and Luis Galarreta. A few days later he resigned from the Popular Party, with which he now has a public rivalry.

President Martín Vizcarra gave the announcement in his message to the nation of homestay parties that he will seek the general elections in 2020 and no longer in 2021. In this way, congressmen and the head of State would be replaced a year earlier.

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