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I don’t mind waiting, I can wait forever,” says Julián Weich when he receives news at the Möoi bar in the River, in Vicente López, hours before going on the air with his program, “News and ½ ” (LN+).

Empathetic, simple, direct and essentially supportive, Weich is UNICEF ambassador, collaborates with several NGOs, leads events to benefit and has his own solidarity company, called Conscience.

I like to communicate positive things that transform others. What I do public and work has to have a social impact. I don’t like doing things just for my benefit. I don’t conceive life any other way,” the driver emphasizes. “I’m never tired, I have no limits. When you find out what your life’s mission is, you start making your life. My mission is to help those who help, organizations, those who ask me how to set up an NGO, those who want to help and do not know.”

When did you start to have social awareness?

Julián Weich: I was raised in a very gaucha family, they were always attentive to the one who had a problem or was missing something. My dad grew up in a conventillo and my mom came from the country, from total poverty. They never lost the power to look at the one I had at least, and they passed it on to me. Then, with “El agujerito (endless)” I became aware of the power of the media and began to give positive messages.

How could he Channel that sensitivity?

Weich: when I decided to be an actor, at 19. I began to be known and it was a rematch against those who had hurt me, although there was no one around that really hurt me. It was like empoderarme. “You hurt me, now I’m famous.” Was short-lived. At 23 I was married and 24 was dad and that was diluted.

How did you become UNICEF ambassador?

Weich: the link started when it was made” all for the children”, in ’92, in chain through the five channels. I drove a little bit of the little hole. The following year it was made only by the thirteen and I was chosen as the driver.

Why did your own solidarity enterprise?

Weich: with my wife and a friend we invented consciousness in 2013 because they always call me to raise money for different NGOs. Do 30 free events a year. Then we invented a product to sell without an event. We start with mineral water and now we sell rice, canned tomato, pasta and sparkling water. We are in supermarkets, American Airlines, YPF stations and many places. We are four partners and at the end of the year, after paying taxes and salaries for three people, 50% of what is left goes to four organizations –Route 40, roof, guest Foundation and the cooperator of the children’s Hospital– and the other 50% is reinvested in the company.

Let’s talk about television. He’s very critical. What are your worst sins?

Weich: disrespect the viewer. The worst sentence a producer can say is, “that’s what people want to see.” It gives Me shame. It’s like, “they’re idiots, see this.” We must be respectful and careful of what is exposed. TV doesn’t have to educate, but it doesn’t have to be rude.

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