Piojo Herrera would leave America to lead a selection

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Miguel “Piojo” Herrera is one of those characters that gives the MX league a lot of color. He says things the way he thinks, the mother lies to referees and complains about how the VAR is used. What should be judged most, however, is his actions as a technician, which can be classified as good, mainly in recent times.

Despite being eliminated in the semifinals of the closing 2019 by León, it cannot be forgotten that a few months ago The Louse conquered the MX league and Cup, becoming one of the best technical directors of Mexican football if one talks about its results. With this past so close, it could be assumed that Miguel has his safe place in Coapa, but he is not.

Although everything looks good in the relationship between club and coach, The Louse could be seen at a crossroads in the coming months, thanks to the selection of Chile, as it would seem to have it in orbit again, according to El Universal.

According to the source cited, the South American Federation has on its radar the Mexican technician to take the reins of La Roja. A few months ago, this interest on the part of Chile had already been mentioned and apparently has not completely gone.

At the moment, the coach of the selection is the Colombian Reinaldo Rueda, but in the Chilean Football Association they are not 100% convinced of their work-as mentioned by the Universal -, so the test of fire for the DT cafetalero will be the 2019 Copa América.

If Rueda does not meet the expectations placed on him for the continental tournament, the Chilean team could make the decision to cut it and that is where Miguel Herrera would enter the equation. The America Cup will be played from June 14 to July 7 ,will it be that within those dates a change in the piejo race will be played?

At the moment it seems that Miguel is comfortable in the Eagles, but in the future everything can happen and so has been established by the DT on different occasions.

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