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Siegfried Reyes accumulated $300,000 in viaticos alone.

The data is derived from a report that the Legislative Assembly sent to the probity section in which it reports in detail the salaries and expenses, but also the expenses of representation, bonuses, bonuses and even the transportation and communication expenses granted to Reyes between 2006 and 2015, period in which he served as FMLN deputy for the Department of San Salvador.

In the report submitted by the Assembly to Probity in may of 2016, a year after Kings ceased their stage of legislation and, when already in his capacity as president of the Organ Promoter of Exports and Investments (Proesa), says that in total gave exfuncionario $300,990.63 between 1 may 2006 to 30 April 2015.

The quantities delivered vary year by year. For example, in 2008 Reyes received $6,142.50 in viáticos but there were other years like 2010 when the amount reached $ 77,352. 88.

In the following four years, according to the report, the FMLN also perceived significant amounts in viatics as one amounting to $69,436.50.

Reyes, in his capacity as president of the Assembly, made numerous official missions to countries such as Palestine, Russia, Cuba, Panama, Vietnam, Guatemala, Canada, Venezuela, Spain, Chile, Nicaragua, Ecuador, among others, according to the transparency portal of the legislative body.

The variability in the trips delivered by the Assembly is due to the number of official missions carried out by Reyes and the amount of the trips that were given to him according to the position exercised during the period investigated by probity, since Reyes went from being a deputy “de la llanura” to being, first vice president of the Assembly and then president of the Assembly.

The deputies of the benches earn lower salaries and travel expenses than those who occupy a place on the board of Directors of the institution. But they also travel with plane tickets in a different class. For example, managers generally fly in business class.

This high amount received in travel expenses and the use that Reyes gave him, such as investing them in personal business projects, aroused “suspicion” in the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice and for that reason they decided to send him to civil trial for signs of illicit enrichment, judge Óscar López Jerez confirmed to El Diario de Hoy.

The decision was made by ten of the 15 justices who make up the Supreme Court plenary on Tuesday morning because Reyes did not justify $373,189 of his property income. Four of them voted in favour of the FMLN and one judge abstained.

According to judge López Jerez, one of the points questioned was that Reyes took money from travel expenses received from the Legislative Assembly and invested them, for example, the $185,000 in a residential condominium project in Renderos plans, south of San Salvador.

According to the judge, travel expenses are intended to invest them in activities of an official mission, not in a personal business.

Total travel similar to salary

The total number of travel expenses received by the former official in nine years is similar to that of salaries from 2006 to 2015. These make a total of $307,978.71, according to the Assembly.

This amount corresponds to the nominal remuneration, but in addition to that, another $145,554.05 was given to him for representation expenses.

The years in which he reflected higher amounts received under that heading coincided with his time as president of the Assembly, where he earned more.

For example, prior to holding the presidency of that state body, between February 1, 2011 and April 30, 2015, Reyes earned salary amounts below $30,000 and representation expenses below $7,000.

Their earnings and representation expenses increased from 2009 onwards. (See graph).

But apart from salaries, travel expenses and representation expenses, Sigfrido Reyes earned other income as bonds in his ten years of the Legislature for a total of $59,965.09 and for aguinaldos just over $2,600.

As for transportation and communications costs, the Legislative Assembly reported to probity that it gave Reyes almost $100,000.

When the sum of all these items is made, the former FMLN official received almost $ 1 million in the Assembly in ten years.

Reyes questions resolution

After hearing the court’s decision in plenary, Reyes questioned via Twitter that a group of judges would pass that resolution which, in his opinion, “conflicts with the law” and after having “demonstrated the lawful origin” of each of his income; he also said that there was a draft of that section of the court in which there was no evidence of illicit enrichment in his case.

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