The russians must exit of Venezuela

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Mike Pompeo said he will have “more conversations” about Russia’s presence in Caracas with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, with whom he will meet “in a few days” on the margins of a meeting in Finland.

“The objective is very clear,” he said. “We want the Iranians, the Russians and the Cubans to leave.”

However, Donald Trump had stated on Friday that Vladimir Putin “was not looking to get involved in Venezuela any further than he would like to see a positive development,” after a long telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart.

“I haven’t seen the full context of this sentence, “he avoided Sunday Pompeo, while stressing:”the president had made it clear that we want everyone to leave, and that includes the Russians.”

This week, the United States increased pressure on supporters of the Venezuelan regime against the opposition Juan Guaidó, self-proclaimed interim president and recognized as such by Washington and some fifty countries.

On Tuesday afternoon, Pompeo had stated that Maduro was about to leave Venezuela to take refuge in Cuba that very morning-when a finally failed military insurrection was taking place-but that the Russians persuaded him to “stay”.

According to the head of U.S. diplomacy, “without the Cubans, it would not be possible for him (Maduro) to remain in power,” because “they form a security cordon” around the Venezuelan president who “no longer trusts his army.”

The Venezuelan government announced on Monday the arrival in Caracas of an Iranian diplomatic mission to negotiate the creation of a commercial air link between the two countries.

In March, the media arrival in Caracas of two Russian planes carrying around a hundred military personnel -“specialists” according to Moscow – and 35 tons of equipment triggered an exchange of declarations between the United States and Russia.

Washington denounced “provocation,” while Moscow and Caracas defended the implementation of bilateral cooperation agreements.

Washington. Russia and other close allies of the venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, should the “exit” of Venezuela, he said on Sunday the secretary of State of the united States.

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