The singer who refused to date Meghan Markle

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It goes without saying that the Dukes of Sussex have become one of the most fashionable couples in the last year. All that they do is news, and rivers of ink have been written upon them, for good and for evil.

Especially Meghan has become the focus of attention because he is the new member to join the royal family, as well as everything he has brought with him. Unfortunately, however, we can say that the balance is leaning more to the negative side over all the publications on it.

They have spoken ill of it from their relatives, like their father and stepsister, to former professional colleagues, like some television presenters who have taken it as an inexhaustible source of media content. Even those who came to know her during her time in the entertainment industry have taken advantage of her position.

Now it’s up to Lizzie Cundy, a British television host, known for her marriage to Tottenham player Jason Cundy (who she divorced in 2012), and at some point she was a very good friend of Meghan Markle. The journalist claims that they became friends at a charity event in 2013.

It is said that the little online romance started when Matt started following Meghan earlier that year, as he thought she was a beautiful woman.

“He was surprised when she started following him immediately afterwards and began the exchange of messages. She told him she was a big fan of his work,” says the newspaper.

“Matt couldn’t believe that a Hollywood star like Meghan could know who he was, so he was very flattered and they chatted a little online before she suggested they meet in person.”

Failed Romance

After her bachelorhood, Meghan was courted by Ashley Cole, the famous British footballer, however, she rejected the idea of dating him for the reputation of the sportsman, who was married to singer Cheryl Cole.

But not all stop there, because Markle met in 2015 Matt Cardle, winner of the 2010 edition of the reality show The X-Factor.

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