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It is less. The sports promotion is two steps away. The RETAbet Bilbao Basket is preparing this weekend’s Final Four De Miribilla with mimo. Ivan Cruz is a skilled player, who does not shy away from responsibility. Know that there is a lot at stake, but also confident that they will get to the goal. “The pressure is there. If you don’t win you go home. There are no more opportunities,” said ala-pivot, “very excited” about what lies ahead.

Now there is only the Melilla in the mind of the template. It makes No sense to go beyond. A compact group awaits you. The good news is that there is a plan, as throughout the course, that if you follow it can lead you to victory. “They have a great team, with top players in the category, such as Urtasun and Franch. We have to go out and do our thing, defend as we know, what we’ve been doing all season, and put it into practice,” he said. “We are clear about what we each have to do in order to win and I think that with our fans, who are going to come and support us, we will have a lot of chances to win.

The fact that the North Africans in the regular league have been overtaken, in duplicate, does not say much to the Madrilenian. “It’s worthless. It’s totally different. Everyone comes out with the knife between their teeth and it’s going to be totally different from what happened in league,” he said.

Melilla is one of the most compact templates in the competition. Also Palencia. “Both are great teams. Palencia made things very difficult for us. Melilla also comes from a complicated series. It’s gonna be a nice game. It is a game in which many things can happen, but we know what we have to do to win,” he reiterated.

The gusanillano of the big tournaments flies over the ambience, but it is not yet evident among the men in black. “Still no nerves. In the previous hour there will surely be, but now we are focused. We have to go slowly. Preparing the match against Melilla and trying to win,” he analyzed.

Nothing is left to chance. Everything is prepared in detail. “The physical trainer, physio, coach, will take the planned week for us to get there as best we can. There’s a possible second game in less than 24 hours, but you have to focus on Melilla.

We are clear about what we have to do to win, ” says Bilbao Basket.

The ALA-pivot assumes the “pressure” of a Final Four in which they must first beat a” great team” like Melilla.

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